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I am one of the community cops covering Clackmannanshire East and have just been trained to send out alerts.

I see sign up for alerts in Clackmannan is very low, please speak to friends and neighbours to encourage them to sign up.

As more people sign up preventative alerts will become more effective.

Any information I send out will be very localised and specific to Clacks East.

Starting with.....

We have received reports of a male trying open windows at night in Clackmannan. The male has been identified and is being dealt with but that does not automatically stop his behaviour.

If you have your windows open through these hot nights please ensure they cannot be opened further than you want and access cannot be gained to your home.


Barry Ritchie

PC C186


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Barry Ritchie
(Police Service of Scotland, Community Constable, C Div - Clackmannanshire East)

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